Jul 5, 2023

Oracle Identity Governance Administration Workshop training, V2 (English version)

I’m publishing labs from the training Oracle Identity Governance Administration Workshop v2.0 (English version). They are designed to run on the October 2022 OIM image with all patches installed ( How to deploy an image to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - shown in lab 0.1. Typical tasks are demonstrated - from integration with a trusted source and target system to SOD, certification and reports in BI Publisher. Lab language is English. Details and links are under the cut.

Выкладываю лабораторные работы тренинга Oracle Identity Governance Administration Workshop v2.0 (English version). Они предназначены для запуска на образе OIM от октября 2022 года со всеми установленными патчами ( Как развернуть образ в Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - показано в работе 0.1. Рассмотрены типовые задачи - от интеграции с доверенным источником и целевой системой до SOD, сертификаци и отчетов в BI Publisher. Язык - английский. Детали и линки - под катом.

Lab 0: About

Lab 0.1: Importing OIM workshop image into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (read-only Pre-authenticated Request, July 2023 here - https://objectstorage.eu-frankfurt-1.oraclecloud.com/p/KJSMVmhbYljBZNUCgTYD8Rr7YXHdS0AKbG5r83X3A9byUPl4vu5dZNh61vOw4gp8/n/fr5pjcg77152/b/OIMbackups/o/oim_20221103_first, please later contact me if it has expired and I will replace it with a new one) 

Lab 1: Getting started with Oracle Identity Governance and workshop environment

Lab 2: Integration with HR Prototype Using the Database Application Table Connector

Lab 3: Integration with Active Directory as a target system

Lab 4: Reconciliation and Provisioning in AD

Lab 5: Roles and access policies

Lab 6: Automated access provisioning scenario

Lab 7: Simple access request and approval.

Lab 8: Identity Audit (Segregation of Duties)

Lab 9: Access Certification

Lab 10: App Onboarding Connectors: Attribute Validation and Transformation.

Lab 11: OIM customization: adding attributes.

Lab 12: Backup and restore of configuration

Lab 13: Reports in Oracle BI Publisher

You can do the work yourself, it is also possible to conduct a workshop in the classroom (full content - here) or online upon request. If you are interested in a workshop in a class, please send requests to oleg.faynitskiy@gmail.com.

If you find errors or inaccuracies in the lab materials that affect the execution and understanding of the material, please let me know about it (email see above).

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  1. VMDK image for those of you who prefer to run image onprem: https://objectstorage.eu-frankfurt-1.oraclecloud.com/p/2jFZ_5SGKojNsr7oGIlT1bEt8tejYOCf_F2pdT5-M1x19vShQphh4HpBDJpxCllc/n/fr5pjcg77152/b/OIMbackups/o/exported-image-20230707-1351