There are some articles available under the "articles" tag on By "articles" I mean a detailed answer to a frequently asked question (for example, "FAQ: OIM 11gR2PS3 - parameterization of roles in target systems") or a detailed description of the performance of a task that the author found interesting and with possible reuse.
So far, all articles have been written with application to Oracle security products, but applications are accepted for vendor-neutral articles, as well as other IDM solutions.

Selected articles: 

(English) SQL Firewall in Oracle Database 23c vs Oracle AVDF / Database Vault (part 1)
(Russian) Everything you wanted to ask about IDM (part 1)
(Russian) Oracle Identity Cloud Service 19.3.3 – new features (Provisioning Bridge, Generic SCIM / SCIM Gateways) (часть 1)
(Russian) Oracle Security products update, part 3 - CCCS, Enterprise IAM, Orchestration etc
(Russian) Oracle Security products update, part 2 - CASB, SMA
(Russian) Oracle Security products update, part 1 - strategy, IDCS
(Russian) What is Oracle Identity SOC? (part 1)
(Russian) How to SSO in Oracle E-Business Suite (OEBS) using IDCS and a partner solution. (часть 1)
(Russian) External ticketing systems and OIM: pros and cons (part 1part 2 и part 3)
(Russian) OIM 11gR2PS3 - parameterization of roles in target systems (part 1, part 2)
(Russian) OIM11gR2 sizing - application of probabilistic-statistical methods to calculate network load (part 1)
(Russian) OIM 11gR2: how to add custom portlet to Identity application UI? (part 1)
(Russian) About Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2PS1 UI Performance (part 1)
(Russian) Installing and Configuring the Oracle Identity Management Infrastructure for Fusion Applications (part 1).
(Russian) Integrated solution: Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on & Oracle Identity Analytics (part 1)
(Russian) FAQ: How to add the IT Resource field in the ICF connector in the reconciliation event? (part 1)

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