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Presentations that were made by me over the course of many years of work in Oracle CIS (and, later, at MUK as a Oracle Security Architect) will be collected here. All presentations that are posted here are not tied to a specific customer, although the composition of the material may meet the requirements of a particular customer. I also remind you that everything posted on this blog is served As Is, reflects my understanding of the products and the logic of the processes, it does not have to coincide with the official point of view of Oracle.

Presentations are published in PDF format by default, if you need PPT format, you can request it from me, I will send it. Presentations, by the way, are not all related to IDM or information security, there are other presentations, for example, on Oracle Tuxedo and Oracle IOT Cloud Service. Some presentations were prepared by me based on materials from my Western colleagues (as far as the GDPR is concerned, everything is laid out one by one, we have no right to change anything), some were prepared completely on my own. If you find any inaccuracies on this page, please let me know.


(Russian) Software United Business Operations Platform (SU BOP) Security (Identity) - overview of Software United (VDEL / Noventiq) product for identity and access management, which is based on Oracle Identity management (Identity Governance, Access Management) technologies.


(Russian) Identity management tasks (Identity Management) - Oracle Identity Governance - from access provisioning automation to role model management and regulatory compliance. Event: MUK - RISK, Baku, Jan 2023
(Russian) Oracle data security solutions overview (Jan 2023) - overview of Oracle Database security solutions, from free of charge Database Security Assessment Tool to licensed options (Database Vault, Advanced Security Option, AVDF, Data Masking & Subsetting Pack etc). Event MUK - RISK, Baku, Jan 2023


(English) Oracle Audit Vault & Database Firewall (Oct 2022) - presentation on AVDF, a product for centralizing audit and control of SQL traffic

2021 and earlier:

(Russian) Oracle Identity Role Intelligence (декабрь 2021) - a new microservice as part of Oracle Identity Governance for automated role management (Dec 2021 - Role Mining)
(Russian) Presentation from the webinar "Security in OCI. Always on, easy to use, no additional costs" - overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security features, Enterprise IDM microservices and roadmap, RADIUS MFA (in Oracle DBMS, etc.) with Identity Cloud Service
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (май 2021) - short overview, advantages of the solution, development roadmap (product and microservices), future direction
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (март 2021) - updated description of functionality, development roadmap
(Russian) Oracle Identity Cloud Service (Feb 2020) - IDCS functionality for February 2020, taking into account version 19.3.3 and significant improvements in the Provisioning area.
(Russian) Strategy of Oracle IDM (Jan 2020, Oracle Security Day) - current state of onprem and cloud line Identity Management, Onprem IDM vs IDCS
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (октябрь 2019) - functional description, roadmap
(Russian) Oracle Security - era of hybrid security (Aug 2019) - update on the current state of the onprem IDM line (Identity Governance, Access Management 12cPS3 / PS4 / PS5, etc.), OCI security, PaaS / IaaS services (CASB, IDCS, OCI WAF, Key Management CS) from the webinar on August 22, 2019.
(Russian) Offsetting the risk of moving to the cloud with Oracle Security Services (Jan 2019) - CASB, UEBA, SIEM and SOAR in the Cloud, CSA Treacherous 12 / OWASP Top 10, from Oracle Security Day January 29, 2019.
(Russian) Manage identities with Identity Cloud Service (Jan 2019) - IDCS overview, from Oracle Security Day January 29, 2019.
(Russian) Data security with Oracle Cloud Security Services (Jan 2019) - Oracle Cloud Security Services overview, webinar January 17, 2019
(Russian) Overview of Oracle On-Prem and Cloud Security Products (October 2018) - overview of all Oracle security for October 2018.
(Russian) Securing Siebel CRM with Oracle Access Manager - two slides on how to secure Siebel with OAM.
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (October 2018) - October 2018 Oracle identity Governance overview.
(Russian) Overview of Oracle On-Prem and Cloud Security Products (April 2018) - overview of all Oracle security for April 2018.
(Russian) Oracle Identity SOC (April 2018) - an overview of the cloud Identity SOC concept (SMA, CC, IDCS, CASB)
(Russian) Oracle IOT Cloud Service (Mar 2018) - overview of Oracle Internet of Things
(English) Oracle & GDPR (Feb 2018) - Oracle security solutions and EU GDPR, in English, we have no right to change anything there.
(Russian) "New BiG Things" (Dec 2017) - what's new in the world and at Oracle, taken from a similar presentation at OOW2017
(Russian) Identity management in cloud and hybrid environments.
(Russian) Regulatory compliance with Oracle products (Oct 2017) - presentation with Oracle Cloud Day in Moscow.
(Russian) How to ensure security and compliance in a cloud and hybrid world (Sep 2017) - overview of the cloud approach to information security, GDPR.
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (11gPS3, 12c, Oct2017) - product presentation, overview of Oracle Identity Manager/ Identity Governance.
(English) Oracle Identity Cloud Services (Apr2017) - April 2017 overview of IDCS use cases
(Russian) Oracle Cloud Security (Feb2017) - оOracle cloud security overview.
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance (11gPS2/PS3, Jun2016) - product presentation, overview.
(Russian) IDM & On-Prem Security Overview (Oct2016) - overview of IDM and Oracle onprem security.
(English) Oracle Database Security & GDPR (Jun2016) - DBSec & GDPR, Oracle provided.
(Russian) OIG-ESSO (Jun2016) - few architectural slides.
(Russian) IDM & Security ROI (Mar 2013) - ROI example for IDM.
(Russian) OIM-ESSO (June 2011) - slide on the work of the joint solution of OIM and ESSO
(Russian) Oracle Tuxedo (July 2012) - Oracle Tuxedo product presentation

Official (and not) brochures:

Software United Business Operations Platform (2023):

(English) Software United Business Operations Platform Security (Access Management) module

General for security:
(Russian) Oracle puts security first (OVUM analytical report, Jan 2019)
(Russian) Using Oracle Security Solutions for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - here the name speaks for itself.
(Russian) Oracle Identity SOC Security Solution - how Oracle sees Identity-centric SOC.
(Russian) Oracle Cloud Security Services for Infrastructure and Platform - security in the Oracle cloud itself.
(Russian) Oracle Security Data Sheet - a short overview of onprem Oracle security products.

Cloud Services:
(Russian) Oracle Identity Cloud Service - identity and access management in the cloud, cloud SSO.
(Russian) Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Cloud Service - SMA Cloud Service, next generation cloud SIEM
(Russian) Cloud service Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) - CASB from Oracle (ex-Palerra)
(Russian) Oracle Configuration & Compliance Cloud Service - control of software configuration in a hybrid environment, assessment of compliance with vendor requirements and industry standards

Onprem products:
(Russian) Oracle Advanced Security Option - data encryption at rest / in transit (TDE, Secure Backups etc)
(Russian) Oracle Database Vault - separation of duties of the DBMS administrator and the end user.
(Russian) Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall - Software for auditing DBMS (not only Oracle) and monitoring user activity (DAM - Database Activity Monitoring).
Oracle Key Vault - key and certificate management (according to OASIS KMIP), optimized for use with Oracle Advanced Security Option.
Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack - data masking for development / testing purposes.
(Russian) Oracle Identity Governance - lifecycle management of user accounts and roles.
(Russian) Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On - Client side SSO for legacy applications

Sizing for onprem products:
(English) OIM 12cPS3 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Identity Manager
(English) OAM 11gR2PS3 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Access Management
(English) OUD 11gR2PS3 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Unified Directory
(English) OPAM 11gR2PS3 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Privileged Accounts Manager
(English) OIM 11gR2PS2 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Identity Manager
(English) OUD 11gR2PS3 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Unified Directory
(English) IDM 11gR2 Sizing Guide - recommendations for sizing across the entire IDM product line line
(English) OIM 11gR1 Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Identity Manager 11.1.1.X
(English) OIM 9.X Sizing Guide - sizing for Oracle Identity Manager 9.X

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