Demo (video)

On this page you will find demo-recording of the products, related to Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Database Security and Oracle Cloud Security. Presentations in PDF format are available in Presentations and whitepapers section of this blog.

- (Russian) Oracle Database Vault - demo and presentation (May 2023), based on Oracle Live Labs, video available at this link.

- (English) Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall - live demo, based on the AVDF, deployed on OCI using terraform stack, provided by Oracle Live Labs, September 2022 (shown on UGT event in Tbilisi 05.10.2022). Video-demo is available here

- (Russian) Oracle Identity Role Intelligence - presentation, loading data from Oracle Identity Governance, identifying the composition of roles (Role Mining), publishing a role from OIRI to OIG. Video demo with presentation available here.

- (Russian) Logging in using two-factor authentication on Linux OS using the Identity Cloud Service PAM module and SSSD. Posted March 2021. Video demo with presentation available here.

- (Russian) Logging in to Oracle Database using Two-Factor Authentication with Identity Cloud Service RADIUS Proxy. From March 2021Video demo with presentation available here.

- (Russian) Oracle Identity Governance 12cPS4 ( - main scenarios (JML processes), Governance scenarios (SOD, access certification, etc). From April 2020. Video demo available here.

- (Russian) Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on (client-side SSO for legacy client-server applications), integration with Oracle Identity Governance 12cPS4, post May 2020. Video demo available here.

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