The EasyOraIDM project (easyoraidm.com) was founded by me, Oleg Fainitskii, in 2011 as a center of competence for Oracle Identity Management in order to popularize Oracle products in the CIS market and apply the expertise accumulated during my work at Oracle. Since then, several trainings, articles, various whitepapers and presentations developed by me have been posted here. EasyOraIDM and its social media pages became the basis for IDM Architects Club meetings held in Moscow from 2014 to 2019, and online from 2020 to 2021. Now the blog is active, trainings and demos are being added in various languages (including English and Spanish).

In the Trainings section, you will find trainings I have developed - Oracle Identity Management, Database Security, and Oracle Cloud Security products. In the Presentations & Whitepapers section - presentations and whitepapers for Oracle security products from different releases. In the section Demo (video) you can find recordings of my demos (in Russian or in English). In the Articles section - articles of various periods. The FAQ section contains answers to frequently asked questions.

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